Saturday, 12 September 2015

Those who cannot remember the past...

Hey-ho, everyone.
It's been a while.
Did you miss me?

So what, I hear you ask, has so piqued my interest that I feel compelled to put digit to keyboard and compose my first blog for many a week?
Well, surprise surprise, it's this migrant/refugee thing.
I know, I know, you're probably stifling a yawn and wondering if there is anything more interesting on You Tube, but before you go, just take a moment to read may be of interest.
And I've put in an image of some Jihadis to get you thinking...

We are, my friends, whether we like it or not, at war.
It's not a conventional war of course, state-vs-state, oh no, it's something significantly different. It's an ideological war. And although we ourselves may not have declared war, we've certainly had war declared upon us...not on the Britain as a country, but instead on the way-of-life which we, and countless millions in the West and in other similar countries around the world, live.
ISIS (or ISIL, or 'So-Called Islamic State'...which I'm surprised the BBC hasn't already shortened to SCIS) despise our way of life. That much is clear. They regard Western culture as decadent and immoral, and similarly regard anyone who is 'Western' to be of the same. So let us be under no illusions whatsoever - in the eyes of those in ISIS, we are all legitimate targets for their hatred. And that hatred manifests itself in acts of utter barbarism, such as those countless beheadings of kneeling men and women that ISIS then so proudly circulate on the internet.

But none of this, I hear you cry, is new. You know all this - and of that fact I am aware.
The reason for re-inforcing the ISIS backstory is to set the scene for what I believe may be the ISIS masterstroke, a new phase of their war of hatred that we in the West are walking...nay, running blindly into, a new chapter of an unconventional warfare where ISIS mount a significant and bloody  offensive.
Imagine, if you will, the following:
ISIS wish to strike a significant blow against the West, outside the boundaries of its so-called Caliphate. They already know that sporadic acts of individual, murderous violence are incredibly effective, such as the murder of Lee Rigby or the massacre at the offices of Charlie Hebdo - they create real terror right in the 'ordinary' streets of the decadent West, and fear in the minds of 'ordinary' Westerners. Imagine then, ten thousand such instances, all taking place simultaneously across the towns and cities of Europe, with 'sleeper' ISIS fighters, armed with machetes and knives and guns and home-made explosives and even (heaven forbid) weapons such as mustard gas, attacking at random, in shops, on trains, outside schools in cinemas, anywhere, everywhere. Even if each attacker killed only five people, we would still be looking at a potential death toll of 50,000 - that's more than 16 times as many died on 9/11.
The only problem for this grand ISIS plan...? How to get 10,000 of its fighters into the West.
Then someone in the ISIS high command has a brilliant idea.
Let's manufacture a refugee crisis.
Let's create the circumstances whereby hundreds of thousands of people move en masse from the Caliphate and the regions around it into the heartland of Europe; and if we can get a million people on the move, then we only need to make sure that one in a hundred of them, just 1%, is aligned to the ISIS cause and willing to do their bidding when the time comes...

Now I'm not for a moment suggesting that this is in fact the case.
I'm not even suggesting that the mass movement of Syrian refugees into Greece and then across the various European borders is being orchestrated by ISIS in the same way old WW1 generals used to move little models of soldiers over painted depictions of distant battlefields.
And I'm certainly not for a moment suggesting that ISIS could ever be so cynical and callous and well, downright evil to ensure that Western morals are sufficiently outraged by images of dead children on a Turkish beach to have politicians clamouring for doors to be flung open to thousands upon thousands of those hurrying (or perhaps, being herded) across the Continent...
What I am suggesting, though, is that simple common sense tells us that when we are at war (and we are, whether we say we are are not), the last thing you want to do is be stupid enough to drop your guard and allow into your midst something that looks pretty innocuous on the face of it but could, just possibly, contain something very, very dangerous.

As the philosopher and novelist, George Santayana once said:
'Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it'.
Now what was it I was trying to remember...?
Something about the Trojans?