Thursday, 28 March 2013

Not another f***ing blog!!

Why, in the name of all that is holy, do we need another blog?
Who, in this universe or any other, gives a flying toss about what Andy Ritchie thinks about this and that and the other?
In fact, is Andy Ritchie's ego now so bloated that he thinks people will actually be interested in what he has to say?

Valid questions, to be sure.
My answers?
1. We don't.
2. Probably no-one.
3. I hope not, but it may be.

The truth is, I'm not really writing this blog for you.
I'm writing it for me.
Well, a couple of reasons really.
Firstly, it's an exercise in writing and expression. I enjoy writing and I enjoy using writing to express myself. When I'm writing a book, I'm constrained a bit by the storyline, by the situation or the characters; in a blog, I'm not really constrained at all, so I can say what the fucking hell I fucking well like and not give a pus-filled bollock about the consequences...may all your blue bananas produce glow-in-the-dark ducklings armed with rocket-launchers and a bad attitude...see what I mean. I can say what I want and it doesn't even have to make sense (though I hope it always will!)
There's a freedom in the blog.
Secondly, I want to create a record, not only of what I have been doing (because mymemories going), but also about what I thought and felt about the things that have been going forget, you see, not only about certain events and situations, but also about how they really made you feel at the time you heard about them...and I don't want to forget that, not if I can help it.

So, to the blog - how often, what format, subject matter?
Truth is, I have no idea.
I think I'll blog when I feel like it, but I aim to do so as often as possible, definitely at least once a week.
Format? Well, it's just going to flow, so format is a bit of an irrelevence. Could be single words, could be whole paragraphs. Who knows?
Subject matter? What I've been up to, what I've seen in the news, what I've got planned...really, anything.

Take today, for example.
Two seriously conflicting emotions.
First, I see that one of my photos (Darwen Tower at sunrise) has been published in the Reader's Gallery of Lancashire Walks and Wildlife magazine. Fantastic!
Second, I see on Facebook a post from Alison saying that Joan has passed away. Gutted!
High, then low...followed by...what?
There's so many emotions, so much to describe...and that's exactly what I want to do, use this blog as a means of getting what I'm feeling down on paper (or on screen) and doing so in a way that challenges me, that makes me find exactly the right words, express myself in exactly the right way.
Deep, or what!