Monday, 1 April 2013

A bird in the hand...

It's nice, isn't it, to redress an imbalance.
Take my relationship with birds.
Yesterday, I was well and truly in deficit after splattering a female pheasant all over the eastbound M65.
Today, I have re-balanced the ledger of Life/Death with my feathered friends by coming to the aid of a siskin that clearly did not previously understand the difference between glass and air (i.e. one is solid and the other isn't) but now, I think we can safely say, does.
This makes me feel a whole lot better and hopefully sees my name removed from the list of humans who must suffer a terrible fate when the birds rise up, a la Alfred Hitchcock's classic film, to take over the world...although, if that did happen, I'm pretty damn sure I could kill a couple of hundred of the feathered monsters armed only with a tennis racket!