Friday, 19 April 2013

Coffee in the sugar bowl...aaaarrrggghhh!

It's often the little things that wind a person up, isn't it?
For me, whenever I'm in the office, it's the state of the sugar bowl.
Why, in the name of James Tiberius Kirk's black pants and boots, do some people...actually, no, I shall call them bastards, though that term is meant in a completely asexual way as the culprits could just as easily be women as men...insist on using wet teaspoons covered in instant coffee when getting their teaspoon of sugar from the sugar bowl?
Can't they see, with their own fucking eyes, that it not only results in the creation of great lumps of congealed sugar that sit on the surface of the sugar like infected warts, but that it also results in me having to pick granules of crappy instant coffee (made from 100% Arabica beans, my arse!) out of the sugar bowl so that my tea remains tasting like tea, and not some horrible tea/coffee hybrid-shit.
Come on, you knobs!
Use a dry, clean teaspoon, for Christ's sake!!!
Otherwise, I'm going to start ripping open tea-bags and sprinkling their contents into the sugar bowl - then we'll see how you bloody-well like it!!