Sunday, 14 April 2013

Grinping - the future of photography

Further to my previous blog regarding my creation of the word 'knobbery', in which I mentioned a previously created word of mine, I have been inundated by literally no requests for a further explanation of that previously created word.
Nonetheless, I have decided to provide both the definition of 'grinping' and also a couple of examples.


grinp (gr-i- np)
v. grinped, grin·ping, grinps

To attempt to have one’s grinning expression captured on someone else’s photograph or video recording without that person realising it.

1. The act of grinping.
2. The facial expression produced by grinping.
3. The photographic or video evidence demonstrating that an act of grinping has taken place. 

Etymology: The word ‘grinp’ was invented by Andrew Ritchie in 2006 at the Landmark Centre, Carrbridge, where he and daughter Kayleigh ‘grinped’ on the video recording of a man who was taking a panoramic shot from the top of the Fire Tower.
The term is an acronym for: grinning in a photograph

Example 1:

Can you figure out who's doing the 'grinping'?

Example 2:

Note the man sat bottom left, grinning straight at the camera; who the hell he is, I have no idea...and I'm the one who took the photo - classic 'grinping'