Friday, 10 May 2013

Apology accepted, Captain Needa (but really not necessary...)

First off - a massive thank you, adorned with big hugs (man-hugs for the chaps, obviously) to everyone who has downloaded my books and is following my blogginess.
You are really top notch.

Secondly, a not-quite-as-big-but-still-pretty-big thank you, this time with a friendly squeeze, to everyone who has either downloaded my books or is still expressing interest in the crappy waffle that I dish up on a regular basis on this blog, but hasn't yet done both.
You are also well notched.

Thirdly...and I'd really like to emphasise this...there is simply no need for any of you to either:
  1. apologise for not having downloaded any of my books
  2. apologise for not having read a book when you have downloaded it
  3. apologise for not having read my blog
  4. apologise for not having commented on any of my blogs
There is simply no obligation on your part to justify yourslves to me...although I have to admit that it does make me feel all warm inside when someone does.
I fully understand that whilst my books and my blog are an important part of my life, they are likely to be only a small blip on the radar of your own exciting existences. As such, I am truly grateful that you continue to find the time and the inclination to retain and express your interest in my blip.

The only people who need to apologise to me are those who are not in either of the two categories outlined above i.e. those who have not bought my books and are not following my blog...
only kidding...
am not...
am not...

Note - Should anyone move from the second group to the first group in the days and weeks ahead (you know what you need to do), then please take it as read that your 'thank you' has been upgraded to massive and that the squeeze has become a hug (man-hug).