Monday, 27 May 2013

The Horror of Fang Rock

I used to own about 100 Doctor Who books - this was my favourite.

What can I say about The Horror of Fang Rock - even the title is bloody brilliant!!
It had Tom Baker as Doctor Who (how cool was Tom?); it featured Leela (scantily clad warrior girl companion - yummy); it had tension and isolation (it's set in a lighthouse); and there's a glowing alien that wants to kill everyone (it simply doesn't get better than that!).

Shame it went downhill after Tom - Peter Davison was okay, but the story-lines were crap; never liked Colin Baker and as for Sylvester McCoy...the less said about that the better (because they were utter shite!)

Now, with the Chris Eccleston, Dave Tennant, Matt Smith era, well...they're just so good (if you ignore the interminable Melody Pond storyline which just seem to go on forever). And we've had John Simm as the Master!
And now they've got JOHN HURT!!!!