Thursday, 6 June 2013

A writing dilemma

A fairly introspective blog this morning as I wrestle with a writing dilemma.
With the impending publication of Part 3 of 'The Book That THEY Do Not Want You to Read', and following my recent visit to Knoydart where I intend to set a portion of the sequel ('The Book That IT...'), my creative juices for scribing the further adventures/misadventures of Jethro Postlethwaite are now well-and-truly flowing again.
And yet, I have been seriously enjoying the early stages of writing 'The Peculiar Case of God vs Pratt' and am equally excited by the prospect of this piece of work.
But I don;t have the time nor the mental capacity to write both at the same time!
So which do I choose?

Oh God!!!

Several minutes of deep thinking later...
I think what I'm going to do is write up the diary entries for JP's time in Knoydart whilst those memories are still fresh in my head and then see how things progress from there...


That's what I'll do...