Monday, 3 June 2013

Misogyny...sadly alive and well in the world of SF

The following was brought to my attention by Mr Ian Sales (author of the great little novella 'Adrift on the Sea of Rains') through one of his tweets. It was a link to a blog by an SF writer called Ann Aguirre, who has written a lot of SF novels and has a healthy (and believeable) average rating on Goodreads of 3.92.

In her blog, Ann comments on how she has been treated as a woman in what is a very male-dominated genre, and it makes uncomfortable reading.
However, what is truly shocking are the comments which were made in response to her blog - talk about vile.
I am with many who have called for those who sent the disgusting comments to be named and shamed, though I do like Ian's somewhat radical and forthright alternative proposal:
the men who sent hate mail to the writer of that blog post deserve to have their cocks cut off in public. without anaesthetic.