Monday, 8 July 2013

Fantastic Murray, Psychotic Miliband

I'm not going to write a dozen paragraphs about Andy Murray and his fantastic Wimbledon victory -all I want to say is congratulations to a man who is a very rare breed indeed; a British athlete who values success more than popularity, is single-mindedly driven to achieve his aims and is not at all content with the tag of 'plucky loser' (and, Christ, we've had a fair few of them, especially in tennis).
No 'plucky loser' is Mr Murray...I just hope that our great British press don't move away from their usual past-time of bemoaning the lack of British sporting superstars to pursue that other favourite past-time of theirs - building icons up, only to  spend the next few years knocking them down again (I'm thinking Botham, Beckham,etc). Instead, I hope they join with everyone else in enjoying Andy's success, share the glory for the next few days and weeks, and then leave him to get on with the job of retaining the US Open, winning a few more majors in the years ahead, getting to World No.1 and hopefully completing a career Grand Slam (though winning the French may be difficult).
Fingers crossed.

On a related Wimbledon matter, that greatest of tennis competitions provided us with an outstanding political photograph that is just perfect for a caption competition.
My suggestions are:
'You're in my seat, bitch!'
'I think I'll kill the fat one first.'
'I fucking hate blue ties!'

courtesy of a re-tweet from Emma Norris

Feel free to make up your own and share them!