Thursday, 13 March 2014

And So It Begins...

As Ambassador Kosh used to say in Babylon 5:
'And so it begins..'
Well, as I start the final re-reading and re-tweaking of the 56 chapters and 155,000 words of my latest literary masterpiece, 'Fractured Time', so I take my seat on the great emotional roller-coaster that is the search for a literary agent.
I'm currently at that initial stage where I'm full of hope and enthusiasm - and why shouldn't I be? After all, I think I've got a really good plot that's carefully wrapped around a unique backstory. I've got what I think are interesting and engaging characters and I'm sure my style of writing is pretty readable.
I'm also feeling pretty damn good from all the positive feedback I got from those who read 'The Book That THEY..' (once again, thanks to all of you!).
The challenge will, of course, be to maintain that same positivity in the weeks and months ahead.
You see, when it comes to trying to get someone interested even just in taking a look at my work, I'm very much a realist. I'm prepared for the disappointment of rejection.
But I'm also determined because I have a belief that Fractured Time is good enough to catch the eye of an agent who is looking for something just a little bit different, something that stands out from the crowd; and because of that, I'm still hopeful that one day I'll get to stand in Waterstones in Bolton, ease a copy of my book off the shelf, then turn to everyone in the shop and shout 'I wrote this!!'