Wednesday, 20 August 2014

An act of unconscionable brutality

I don't normally like to bring the usually upbeat tone of my blog down by commenting on news items (which are almost without exception hugely depressing), but every now and again something comes along which I feel compelled to comment upon.

It's just impossible to comprehend what must have been going on inside the minds of both kidnapped American James Foley and his masked executioner (apparently from Britain, though certainly not 'British') in the moments leading up to the journalist's brutal, barbaric beheading.
For James Foley, I can't even begin to imagine the terror he must have felt. Poor man.
And his murderer? Well, it's hard to think of a more graphic, more damning demonstration of all that is wrong with the Islamic fundamentalism which these 'jihadists' are peddling. There is something hideously broken inside the mind of any human being who believes that any deity would ever condone the cutting off the head of a helpless, kneeling man. And no amount of twisted words hand-picked from religious teachings could ever justify this kind of morally abhorrent behaviour.
Let's face it, the man who did this, and his cohorts, are just truly sick fuckers who have no place in this world of ours. At all. End of debate!
And if anyone, irrespective of their religious beliefs, or their political bias, or anything else for that matter, does not believe that this kind of evil (for only truly 'evil' men would commit such an atrocity) must be fought and must be eradicated, well I'm afraid there's something wrong in your head as well!

Though it is of little comfort to James Foley's family, I'm sure, I can only hope that the man who so violently took his life, along with all the other monstrous individuals who are currently roaming the deserts of Iraq and Syria and butchering countless innocent men, women and children in the name of their 'faith', do indeed find their way to the after-life when they die…only to discover a very, very pissed off deity who just looks at them with profound disdain and then points downwards, saying:
'Hell is that way, you sick bastards. Enjoy your eternity of torment!'