Friday, 26 September 2014

A really, really good day

We get, I reckon, perhaps two dozen really, really, really, really good days in our lives.
The day we're born - I guess that's the first really, really, good day we all get.
Then there's the first kiss - oh yeah.
Loss of virginity - without doubt (ooh Matron!)
(I'm not including the first day of work - satisfying for some, maybe, but definitely not something to call 'really, really good)
The first day you lay eyes on the love of your life - most certainly.
Wedding day - naturally.
The days on which your children arrive in the world - I think the very best of days.
Kids' first day at school  - awesome!
Kids graduating some sixteen years later - equally awesome!

So far, I've been fortunate enough to have enjoyed all of these.

And in the future…?
Hopefully I'll be blessed with a few more really, really good days.
Watching the kids get careers they enjoy, fall in love, get married, maybe have kids of their own.
Then there's that last day of work to look forward to.
And maybe one or two unexpected pleasures that suddenly come out of the blue - we can but hope.

But why opine about these really, really good days today?
Could it be because yesterday was one of those really, really good days?
Well, yes it was. Yesterday, my friends, was the day that our house finally became our house, when the 'amount owed' column of the mortgage statement finally reached zero.
Okay, so it's maybe not quite in the same league as some of those other really, really good days I've talked about above, but it's certainly way, way above average and therefore very much worth savouring.
So, I hope you'll join me in raising a glass to one of those select few really, really, really, really good days…