Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Red Plus Zone is a bestseller*

Well, dear friends, yesterday certainly was an interesting and rewarding day.
Now I'm not exactly sure how many wonderful people actually bought the paperback version of Red Plus Zone, but what I do know is that it was enough to propel it up to the dizzy heights of 2,913 in Amazon's bestseller rankings:

And the fun didn't stop there!
A couple of hours later, even though it had dropped ever so slightly in the overall rankings, it actually rose three places to #20 (or 'No.20' as we would say here in the UK) in the Post-Apocalyptic sub-group of the Science Fiction sub-group of the Fiction sub-group of Books!

And then...

...before eventually, after a flurry of late evening purchases...

So does that mean that Red Plus Zone can be classed as a 'bestseller'?
Well, this screenshot would certainly suggest that that is indeed the case.

'But hold on, Andy,' I hear the voices of indignation cry out from across the Interweb. 'Surely you're not suggesting that Red Plus Zone is a bestseller in the way that a Dan Browne or a Lee Childs novel is a bestseller.'
And the answer is:
'Of course not. To believe such a thing would be a sad case of extreme self-delusion.' 
Instead, Red Plus Zone is probably best described as a 'bestseller with an asterisk' which means that it's okay to refer to it as a bestseller but when I do so I need to put a little footnote at the bottom of the page which says:
* Amazon Bestseller Books > Fiction > Science Fiction > Post-Apocalyptic

Now that, I think, is being honest.