Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Enough is enough!

Now I know I'm heading into controversial territory here and that it's very likely that there'll be some backlash from all the lily-livered liberals out there, but a recent event has prompted me to go on a bit of a rant.

So what are the details of this 'recent event' I hear you whisper as you lean forward conspiratorially, your interest piqued a little.
Well - picture this:
A normal suburban street with a normal suburban semi-detached house. It's just about 7.00 pm in the evening. Inside that house is an elderly couple, doing kitcheny things in the kitchen. Suddenly, there's a loud crash and the sound of shattering glass. They hurry into the living room at the front of the house in time to see a hoodie and his mate making off with her tablet and his laptop through the large bay window they have smashed to get in! The Police are called, duly arrive, take down details, remark that it's probably junkies looking for something to sell so they can buy more drugs, then issue a crime number (and no doubt promptly forget about the whole thing). The elderly couple then ring their insurers and are told that yes they're covered but they'll need to pay the excess...and that's an excess on the window (because it's 'buildings') and an excess on the items stolen (because that 'contents'). Double-whammy!
The End.

So I ask you this, my friends:
How in God's name have we, as a society, come to the point where these sort of crimes can take place almost as a matter of routine, where those who are supposed to enforce the law simply shrug their shoulders apathetically and admit to everyone that there's no chance that the perpetrators will ever be caught, and ordinary, law-abiding people are left out of pocket to the tune of a couple of hundred pounds, not to mention being left with the insidious feeling of having had their home violated?
It's just perverse.

The cause of these societal ills?
Well, no doubt the intelligentsia would debate this long into the night, citing countless failures of government, the role of inequality, how we all should share some of the blame, blah, blah, blah.
Yet the truth is, I think, quite simple.
We are too soft on wrong-doers, and I mean ALL wrong-doers...and the time has come to begin to turn the tide. And that means simply being less accommodating, less understanding and less lenient.
'But wait!' the liberals cry. 'We're a civilised society and we can't be going around being all medieval about justice and punishment. We need to be caring, focus on the causes of crime and on the need to rehabilitate...'
This is the point where such people need a firm slap across the face!
Since when did the definition of 'civilised' equate to being unduly tolerant of criminals?
Surely, a 'civilised' society is one which fully understands the difference between what is right and what is wrong, ensures that it's citizens are fully aware of the distinction between the two and then promotes and rewards the former whilst harshly discouraging and punishing the latter.
Such punishment must be swift and unequivocal. It should not concern itself with the whys and the wherefores or with cause or motivation, nor should it be hamstrung by the blaming of others for the failures of the individual. That punishment must by brutal and visible in order for it to act as the necessary deterrent to those who may consider a criminal act.

Returning to the individual who broke into the elderly couple's house - I care not a jot why he did it. I only care that he is caught and he is punished in such a way that he never does it again.
But then the liberal cries out - 'But he has a drugs problem and he was only feeding his habit.'
My response - 'I don't care.'
The liberal continues - 'He comes from a broken home.'
My response - 'I don't care.'
The liberal presses further - 'Society has failed him. It hasn't provided him with a job and an income.'
My response - 'I still don't care.'  And I end the conversation by giving the liberal another hearty slap!

My solution is simple.
I believe that that individual, and all the others like him who blight our society, should be shipped off to a remote island (like the one below)...and there he should be left.

That's it.
Nothing else.
No prison cell. No TV. No showers. No toilets. No pool room. No state-funded degree. No rehabilitation. No vote. No parole. No eventual 're-integration' into society.
Absolutely nothing...except perhaps just enough time to reflect on choices made and misery caused to others.

There...rant over.
Feel free to comment...if you dare :)