Sunday, 7 April 2013

Aren't Numbers Fantastic!!

Today, I have mostly been thinking about...Numbers.
Numbers are, let's be honest, pretty damn cool and just about the second most useful thing in the cosmos.
I mean, could you imagine trying to go through just one day without them...there you go, I've already used a number and I haven't even begun to come up with examples of where numbers are wouldn't know exactly what time it was, or the date for that matter. Then there's the number of Weetabix to have for breakfast, the number of spoonfuls of sugar to have in your tea, how much petrol you put in your car at the garage (a little, quite a bit, a lot?). And how would you know what to pay...
Let's face it, it's pretty difficult to imagine life without Numbers.

So, in honour of the importance which numbers play in the universe, I've decided to list out 20 of the more interesting and surreal numbers related to my life:

2 - the number of lovely daughters I have
4 - the number of operations I've had in a hospital
52 - the number of Munros I've climbed
8 - the number of houses I've lived in
4744 - the number of days I've been married...happily, I might add!
66 - the number of Wainwrights in the Lake District that I still have to climb
230,000 (approx) - the number of words in the complete version of The Book That THEY Do Not Want You To Read
22 - the number of foreign countries I have visited
45 - number of friends on Facebook
0 - the number of Nobel prizes, Oscars, Grammys, Pulitzers or Booker prizes I've won
2 - number of long distance walks completed (West Highland Way (3 times), Cumbria Way)
258 - the number of photos I've uploaded to Flickr
1 - the number of bones in my body that I've broken
3 - the number of times I've been in a helicopter (not including the one that I was strapped into and then turned upside down under water)
1,657,000,000 (approx) - the number of heartbeats since I was born
32 - the number of orgasms I've faked
49 - the number of the Trail 100 I have climbed
28 - the number of books I've rated on
7 - the number of different jobs I've had
1 - the number of people I've genuinely found myself hating

Feel free to share with me any of your interesting numbers (though please just don;t provide me with a number and expect me to guess what it relates to - an explanation really would be useful!
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Oh, one last thing.
In a shameless attempt to ingratiate myself with the wonderful people at, I'm going to give them a mention in my blog.
Actually, whilst shameless ingratiation may be a strong motivating factor for this mention, I'd also like it to be known that they are the first writing-orientated social network group or individual who have 'liked' my Facebook page 'I've Read It Have You' - that's right, they are 'Liker 18' (there you go, another number!)

So I am wearing my AUTHORSdB badge with pride.