Monday, 8 April 2013

Look, it's my opinion...Part 2

The week has not started well (strong language alert - those easily offended should look away now; those who enjoy seeing some colourful on)
Firstly, my works computer is playing silly-buggers with its security.
Secondly, I received a response to my TripAdvisor message to Mr Unhappy Bunny (aka OnlyLive0nce - and no, that's not a typo, he really has used the number zero instead of a capital letter 'O' in his 'handle' - tit) and it's left me flabbergasted (great word that - let's make it word of the day).
Read Mr Unhappy Bunny's reply for yourself:

'I will be straight with you. Honesty is the best policy. If you think that place is very good you and the mrs need to get out more often, quite frankly. The place is a joke for b and b. Your review was farcical and that of an inexperienced traveller. We have been to 40 countries and over 600 hotels and guest houses. We know what we are talking about with this.
Very good? You must be having a laugh....

I am not reading any more of your nonsense so save your time and go away.'

Not sure what to say, really...
Of course, I've been in touch with TripAdvisor to express my opinion that this sort of direct message is completely unacceptable and we'll wait to see if they do or say anything (I'll keep you posted on that).
But I just can't get over the tone and the's so...knobbish.
' and the mrs...'- I mean, who on God's Earth uses that sort of expression in writing? I draw my own conclusions about the type of person this is, but 'moronic twat' comes very much to mind.
'...inexperienced traveller...' - I'm sorry, but do you know me? I've spent the last 16 years travelling to various places around the world, with work and for holidays; hardly 'inexperienced'.
'We have been to 40 countries and over 600 hotels and guest houses' - oh, so TripAdvisor is some kind of 'biggest dick' contest, is it - the more places someone's been to, the more valid their opinion...sorry, didn't realise that. And, by the way, who the fuck keeps an accurate count of the number of hotels and guest houses they've been to?
'We know what we are talking about with this.' - I suggest this is the new definition of the word 'arrogance'.

But what really gets my goat, though, is the final comment:
'I am not reading any more of your nonsense so save your time and go away.'
You contacted ME, you utter gob-shite.

So, what conclusions have I drawn from all this, and from a quick look at Mr Unhappy Bunny's previous entries on TripAdvisor.
Well, my friends, I shall tell you.
Mr Unhappy Bunny is very unhappy indeed, not only with me, or with Dee & Em B&B on Mull, but also with the Waverley Hotel at Felixstowe, the Old Mill B&B at Yarm and the Bay Great Western Hotel at Oban. All of these were rated 'terrible' (1 out of 5) on his TripAdvisor ratings. He did, however, in one of his 3 other posted reviews, rate the Travelodge at Covent Garden as 5 out of 5 (come on...a Travelodge?...excellent?...when Hell freezes over, buddy...!) which is interesting because although 247 have also rated his excellent, 285 said it was terrible!
I wonder if this sad, lonely dickhead (whom I now imagine to be a portly chap in his early fifties with a ridiculous comb-over, the dress-sense of a llama and a wife whose face looks permanently like a well-smacked arse because they haven't 'got it on' for over fifteen years) sent direct messages to all 285 who disagreed with his viewpoint, telling them that their opinions were crap, wrong, inaccurate or farcical?
I can only say that 'robmac13' needs to be careful - he had the temerity to rate Bay Great Western Hotel in Oban as 'excellent' last week...he shouldn't have done that, because that makes Mr Unhappy Bunny very angry...and 'he knows what he's talking about with this'!