Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Look, it's my opinion...Part 3

It's a word I like...especially when I am the one being vindicated.
Vindication...let's say it together...
So, on what basis am I entitled to feel that most satisfying of sensations?
Well, have a read of the following response from TripAdvisor to my complaint about Mr Unhappy Bunny:
'TripAdvisor does not condone abusive language or harassment via our private messaging system. However, since we do not review communications between members unless they are reported, we depend on helpful members like you to report incidents like this. We have investigated the situation and taken fair action to prevent further communications from this individual; we appreciate your taking the time to let us know about this issue.'
I'm curious, I have to admit, about what constitutes 'fair action' - have Mr Unhappy Bunny's testicles been repeated beaten with an electrified fly-swat by masked men dressed all in black and sporting masks with the TripAdvisor owl logo on them? Have the TripAdvisor elves updated all his reviews with the words 'Take no notice of this review - it was written by an arrogant knob!'
Or...and I really hope this is the case...have they simply written to him and said: 'Either accept and respect that some people will have an opinion that may differ from yours, or stop using TripAdvisor.'

Actually...come to think of it...I'd like to be all noble and magnanimous about this but, if I'm honest, I really hope they've used the electrified fly-swat on his testicles...!

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