Friday, 3 May 2013

Oh Stuart, say it isn't so...

So, it turns out that Stuart Hall, whacky host of It's a Knockout and Jeux Sans Frontières (when it came to Blighty - was I the only one perpetually confused by the fact the Swiss had 'CH' on their jerseys?) is a kiddy-fiddler.
I mean, one of them was a nine-year-old girl - now that's just sick!
Hally-boy was also the host of Look North (or Look Northwest or Northwest Tonight or whatever the hell it was called back then), which meant he was a regular on TV during my early years and, as such, was something of a TV icon of the era...not a cool TV icon in the way that Lou Ferrigno and Bill Bixby were of course (The Hulk/David Banner), or Ricardo Montalban on the Love Boat for that matter, but still, an icon of sorts...a bit like, dare I say, Jimmy Savile.
Which makes me wonder...were they all perverts and paedos, the TV icons of my youth?
In one of my previous blogs, I said that I just didn't believe that Rolf Harris was a perv - after the revelations about Stuart Hall and his 20 years of predation of young girls, my convictions aren't quite as strong as they were a couple of weeks ago.
How truly depressing will it be if all those TV icons, whose shows brought a smile to the lips of so many viewers and laughter to the living rooms of homes all across the country, are ultimately proven to be monstrous abusers, not only of children and the vulnerable, but of the trust and adoration they were given by so many ordinary people.