Wednesday, 15 May 2013

When a week is a month...

A bit of a mixed bag today, the result of reading the Daily Mail (font of all knowledge) yesterday and today whilst eating my disappointing breakfast at my non-usual hotel here in Coventry.

First up - Vicky Pryce, the uber-vindictive former wife of Chris 'Take My Points, Bitch' Huhne, is to write a book about her time in prison (now there's a surprise!). Of course, it's likely to be a pretty short book, seeing as she only spent eight weeks of her eight month sentence behind bars...and how the hell does that work? A quarter of their sentence, that's all they served!
My view, for what it's worth, is that whatever sentence a criminal receives in court should be the absolute minimum that they serve and, should they misbehave, they should have time added to their sentences.

Secondly - a man has been trampled to death by cows in a field in Wiltshire, which is really tragic. I've never really liked cows, not since I read James Herberts' 'The Fog' - they have a slightly psychotic, 'I'm-just-clinging-on' sort of look about them...and they are really, really big!

Thirdly - the rather bizarre tale of tourists at Disneyland in the US paying disabled people £80 an hour to pretend to be a member of their family so they can avoid queueing for rides.On the face of it, a nice little earner, but can I suggest that there are only a certain number of times that you can listen to 'It's A Small World After All' before you go completely and utterly bonkers!!

Finally - isn't it refreshing when a child-murderer/pervert/real sicko like Stuart Hazell gets the sort of sentence that these freaks and weirdos should get...and interestingly, it's 38 years minimum, not the Huhne/Pryce tariff of years sentenced divided by 4.
It's just a shame that that other fucking freak, Mick Philpott, didn't get a similar sentence for each of the children he murdered - now that would have been some semblance of justice!