Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Sorry...but not all men are idiots! Part 2

Back after a few day's absence - it wasn't that I didn't have anything to say, it was actually finding the opportunity to say it, especially with my mind so alive with cracking some of the plot challenges for 'The Book That IT Does Not Want You To Read'...which I have, for the most part, achieved (lol, smiley face)

So, what to talk about?
Well, the faithful may recall a post I did on the 1st May entitled 'Sorry...but not all men are idiots!' in which I bemaoned the way advertisers tend to always portray men as idiots (the link is below if you wish to refresh your memory):
Anyway, it appears I am not alone in my view (barometer of the nation, I appear to be).
As this article in the Telegraph (which mirrors the article in The Times that I read this morning over breakfast, because I'm sophisticated and can do that sort of thing) demonstrates, there is a growing frustration generally at the way Dads are portrayed, particularly in films and cartoons, as well as adverts as I have previously observed.
In the Times article (which I can't find online, unfortunately) they also highlighted the 'Dads' in My Family and Outnumbered as re-inforcing this unwelcome stereotype that Dads are lazy, stupid, misogynistic and generally crap at anything they do.
Whilst I'm not against the role of Dad being portrayed every now and again as a muppet, this should be balanced by portrayals of Dads as strong, caring individuals striving to do the best they can; sadly, examples of the latter in film and television are few and far between. Script-writers who go for the 'idiot Dad' option are now, in my opinion, just being lazy.
I'd also like to draw your attention to the comment in the Telegraph article, echoed in the Times:
'there would be an outcry if jokes aimed at Dads were aimed at women, ethnic minorities or religious groups'
Point made, methinks.