Sunday, 28 July 2013

My Favourite Films of All Time!

Okay, so it's a bit of a cheap stunt this, but I thought to myself, what the hell!
When I posted a link to the Videoblurb for my book in a blog-post a few weeks ago, there were only 6 page views, which is significantly less than my normal number. I was mortified beyond belief by this lack of interest and sat sullenly in a corner for days, wrestling with dark emotions that threatened to consume my very soul...actually, I did nothing of the sort; I'm just hoping to make those who didn't look at that particular post feel a little bit guilty...
Anyway, I thought I would cruelly lull all of you into this particular post with the promise of an opportunity to look at a list of my five favourite films, so that you can say 'My God, that's a terrible choice - how can he like N****** H***!' or (perhaps less likely) 'Wow, Andy's film choices are superb. I wish I liked the films he likes! T** F**** E****** is awesome!'; only for me to guide you cleverly to this link to my fantastically original, disturbing and stunningly produced Videoblurb:

Videoblurb for 'The Book That THEY...'

Is it a pathetic attempt to get more views and so generate more sales?
Of course it is.
Is it below me?
Of course it is.
Do I care?
Yes, but as Blackadder once said 'Needs must when the Devil vomits into your kettle!'

Oh, and just so you know, I promise that I will be posting a list of my five favourite films of all time tomorrow.