Sunday, 23 March 2014

Forensic Scientists are really nice people!!

As I've been writing 'Fractured Time', there have been certain parts of it about which I have been a little nervous. These are the parts which relate to the forensic investigation and pathology of the murder that the lead character, DCI Sam McCall, is involved in.
Whilst I'd read up as much as I could on the subjects, there was still a part of me that read through what I'd written and thought "Hmmm, have I really got this right?'
Eventually, I decided that the only people who could really answer that question were forensic experts and pathologists and so, with a big gulp, I joined the Forensic Science group on LinkedIn and posted a discussion, asking if anyone would be interested in reading through those chapters of my book which dealt with the forensic-side of things. By the way, I made it clear that there wasn't going to be any cash swapping hands for this, and the best any takers could hope for was a big thank you on the dedication page of the book when it finally makes it onto the shelves of Waterstones.

Well, I'm happy to report that, when I get Fractured Time published in hard copy (and I'm utterly determined to use the word 'when' rather than 'if'), I'll be including on the dedication page a special mention of Laura Reaney, Matthew Perryman and Angela Williamson.
All three of them have provided invaluable support and insight into the world of forensics and pathology, setting me straight on the language that should be used, pointing out the potential flaws in my storyline and giving me the sort of detail gems it is simply impossible to get from studying books on the subject.
As anyone who has read 'The Book That THEY…' will testify, I place great store in making the details of what I write as believable as possible by getting them as close to reality as I can. I think it adds a certain level of authenticity to the worlds I'm trying to create and the tales I'm trying to tell. The input that these guys have provided has gone a long way to helping me achieve that aim.

And one other thing to point out - Laura, Matt and Angela were not the only ones to offer their time and support for free, and to all of the others who also offered to help I say Thank You!!