Monday, 19 May 2014

God, Aliens, Death & Teapots (published)

It's very, very pleasing that my 100th post on this blog should celebrate another of my literary creations being published.
Here it is:
A mix of seven short stories (some really short, some quite a bit longer, all of them awesome!).
And what's more, I'm benevolently making this available to my adoring fans for absolutely nothing - zilch - nada - zero.
Yes, that's right, it's FREE!
But what's this? I hear some cries of bewilderment from the capitalist cheap-seats - has Andy lost his mind?
Fear not, dear friends, there is a cunningness about this plan, for secreted at the end of those seven stories (which are all f**king excellent by the way) is an excerpt from 'The Book That THEY…'
Sighs of relief and appreciative nods may commence.
Of course I haven't lost my marbles. 'Tis but a clever marketing ploy to try to bolster the sales of 'The Book That THEY…' so that it creeps over the 100 sold mark (a psychological barrier indeed).
So, to all those fantastic people out there in Readerland who have been so kind as to take interest in this blog - download your copy now - from here: Download free for your Kindle from Autharium
It should be available on Amazon soon and it's already up on Goodreads, expectantly awaiting a rush of glowing reviews.