Thursday, 17 July 2014

#ShoutAboutItThursday - Farley's Rusks

Yes, folks, it's that time of the week again when I choose something to SHOUT ABOUT because I want to and because I can.
And this week it's...Farley's Rusks!!

Recent research suggests that there are over 10 million adults in the UK who secretly eat Farley's Rusks on a regular basis (and not just as a means of encouraging babies to eat them, either); that same research also claimed there were another 15 million adults who secretly crave Farley's Rusks but do not have the guts to indulge themselves for fear of ridicule from the prejudiced Kellogg/Nestle influenced masses who do not regard it as a 'real' breakfast (yeah, like Krave or Chocolate Caramel Shreddies are 'real' breakfasts!)
The final, and perhaps most shocking statistic of this research is, however, that there are only 34 adults in the UK who have 'come out' and proudly proclaimed their love for what Wikipedia describes somewhat disappointingly as 'a dry biscuit', but which I would describe as 'a sweet and gooey taste sensation.'

I 'came out' about my love of the food that dare not speak its name on the 25th May after years of merciless ridicule from my family:

and I would now encourage everyone else who loves Farley's to do the same - it is a truly liberating experience. It means I can now walk down the baby-food aisle at Sainsburys and take a couple of boxes of Farley's off the shelf without any sense of shame or embarrassment. In fact, I now give them pride of place at the front of the trolley as I walk down the tinned goods and the cereal aisles and if I get any disapproving looks from any other shoppers (who are probably envious of my freedom of expression and are themselves secretly craving a rusk or two but are too brow-beaten by convention to do anything about it), I just strut my stuff with an attitude which says: 'Yeah, bitch, I eat rusk - so what?'
And one more thing - look at the box - it says 'All Ages'.

So, come on - who out there has got the balls to shout to their love of Farley's to the world?
That's what the comment boxes below are for!