Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Dronestagram - taking to the skies

I came across this whilst reading an article on the BBC about the winning photograph in a competition for images taken from drones. Now these aren't the drones that the US military use in Afghanistan, Iraq and northern Pakistan to spot bad people so they can drop a load of high explosives on them; no, these are much smaller versions which are, in essence, a camera slung underneath a cross with a small rotor blade at the end of each arm. They are flown by remote control, though on some of the more expensive models the camera can be moved independently, which is cool.

This winning image was taken by Capungaero at the Bali Barat National Park in Indonesia - it is awesome!

I then had a look around the Dronestagram website and came across this great little video.
The reason I like it?
My wife and I visited nearly all the places featured when we went to Iceland for a couple of weeks in 2010.

We also went up the national cathedral in Reykjavik:

It's just a great place to go!!