Saturday, 26 July 2014

Why so much f**king talking???

Just a couple of days in to the 2014 Commonwealth Games from Glasgow and I'm already frustrated.
So   much   fucking   talking!!!!
Take yesterday evening, for example, at the swimming. We have a minute or two of athletes battling for gold, silver and bronze…and then we have to endure something like ten minutes of Claire 'I'm Everywhere' Balding, along with Mark Foster and Rebecca Adlington, prattling on inanely, trying (and failing) to offer insightful  and thoughtful comment...
Now don't get me wrong, I'm all for useful and informative explanations which enlighten me about why one individual has succeeded whilst another has failed; something in their technique, perhaps, or in their mental or physical preparation. The problem is, with the BBC and all its countless commentators and summarisers (and there must be hundreds of them), is that that sort of perceptive analysis is virtually non-existent.
Instead, all we get is the grinning, gurneying experts spouting a seemingly endless torrent of tired old cliches about such-and-such having 'run her own race' or such-and-such having 'been unlucky' or 'not been their day'. Christ, it's only a matter of time before one of them says 'the boy done good'.
So, come on, BBC - if you're going to spend tens of thousands of pounds of license-fee-payers money on this never-ending procession of past champions and medallists, then at least let's give them the opportunity to 'thrill us with their acumen'. Otherwise, cut the pointless chit-chat and show us more of the sport that's going on.