Saturday, 9 August 2014

There's nothing quite like a good review

It's difficult to describe how much of a buzz you get from getting a really positive review of something that you've written - and because I got such a buzz, I'm going to take the opportunity to share it with all you fabulous people (in the hope, admittedly, that it may inspire you to a quick download!)

John's Review on Amazon

Below is John's review (and yes, I do forgive him for missing the T out of my surname!!)

Yes, I agree with the first reviewer of (concise version) THEY: it does remind you somewhat of the anarchic, wry wit of Douglas Adams. And that’s quite a recommendation. Although the author certainly doesn’t lazily ape another hugely successful writer’s style. This is Andy Richie writing and no one else. He has a highly individual voice that’s entirely his own.

I also agree that his characterisation is excellent – even Tukaal (is that a slightly rude play on words, like Dylan Thomas’s Llareggub, one wonders?) the alien. That’s because, rather than rush breathlessly along in frenetic mile-a-minute plot (it’s actually fairly sedate), the author allows plenty of dialogue, not to mention philosophical musings from protagonist Jethro, for the characters to develop.

And this certainly isn’t your average sci-fi fare, wherein you’re asked to totally suspend disbelief; it’s much smarter than that. In fact, it’s grounded very much on Planet Earth, in prosaic locations in the north of England, a little after the style of Wallace and Gromit, with many insights into the shortcomings of Homo Sapiens.

Introducing himself, named as Andy Richie, into the proceedings as a sort of ‘editor,’ was clever too, I thought, giving two layers of first-person narration.

But most importantly, the author met the first requirement of any storytelling; he piqued my interest. I always craved to know what happened next. So yes; I too will just have to read parts 2 and 3 now.

Congratulations Mr Richie; you done exceedingly good. And I’ll forgive you the typos, intentional or otherwise!

Part 1 of 'The Book That THEY...' is currently available at the incredible knock-down price of just £0.98 (or $1.66 in the US, €3.99 in Europe, 599 Yen in Japan, CDN$5.99 in Canada, etc.)
A bargain, wherever you are in the world!!

ps - Thanks, John!!
(here's John's Amazon site)